Papers and Publications




Adding failure effects to HAZOP, Chemeca 015, Oct 2008 and Loss Prevention Bulletin 221, October 2011, Colin Feltoe

HAZOP Failure, Loss Prevention Bulletin 232, August 2013, Colin Feltoe


Management of Change 

Recognizing Small Plant Changes , October 2013, Colin Feltoe, 

Managing Change with a Safety Case Regime, March 2017, Paul Feltoe


Risk Assessment

Risk reducing outcomes for the use of LOPA in plant design and operation, Loss Prevention Bulletin in 2015, Paul Feltoe 


Process Control

The non-linear adaptation of an MPC as applied to a SAG Mill, Chemeca 200, January 2009, Paul Feltoe


Process Safety Management

Heath and Safety Reform Bill Opinion piece, Taranaki Daily news, May 2015, Paul Feltoe




Process Safety Risk,  Safeguard, July-August 2015, Paul Feltoe

Missed Opportunity, Safeguard, March-April 2016