Safety Solutions process safety consulting services span advisory, facilitation, management support and design services across a number of areas:


Our areas of expertise are:


Process Safety Audits Safety audits
Independent and comprehensive review of an organisations process safety performance.
Gap assessment can be made against a number of systems such as the CCPS process safety framework.
Where significant gaps exist, appropriate recommendations are made to move towards best practice.



Safety auditsProgram Auditing
A risk management program for an industrial site/operation includes controls to ensure that residual risk to the business is as low as reasonably practicable. Engineering and management system controls are predominant. The effectiveness of the program relies upon its organizing principles and, engineering controls and management systems employed. Management systems define who, what, when and how personnel use the assets



Safety Management Systems Safety case development
Development of process safety management systems, standards and procedures in areas such as Hazard ID, Risk Assessment, Functional Safety, and Management of Change.



Safety case developmentSafety Case
Prepare Safety Cases in consultation with operating companies to help them demonstrate that their major hazards are being managed to ALARP risk levels. In parallel with the Safety Case development, SSL can work with operating companies to close process safety management system gaps that are critical to the assumptions made in the Safety Case risk assessments.



SIL / SIF Assessment, Design & Functional Safety Management Plans
Facilitate SIL and LOPA reviews to determine the necessary SIL level to achieve the desired/ required level of risk reduction.
Design and verification services are available using industry recognised software to ensure the design and specification meets the requirements of the SIL review and IEC61511. 

A safety management plan (and gap analysis) can be prepared (a requirement under IEC61511) which covers the full lifecycle requirements under the standard.


Hazard IDHazard Identification
Facilitation and identification of process hazards using best practice methods such as HAZOP, FMEA, PHR etc,
Our consultants are all experienced facilitators, have run many large safety reviews and contribute to international best practice methodology in this area.



Risk assessmentRisk Assessment
Evaluation of consequences and likelihood to assist companies make decisions on plant activities and design based on the risk they pose to employees and the public.




Hazardous Area ClassificationHazardous Area Classification
Categorise potentially flammable fluids and solids. Assessment of the potential release sources and the application of appropriate corporate, national and international standards to classify and size associated hazardous areas. This permits the specification of appropriate and certified electrical equipment permissible for use within the plant area.



Incident Investigations
Investigation to determine root causes of plant failures as well as determine systemic problems within an organisation that contribute to those failures.



Alarm 2Alarm Management

Development of alarm philosophies & design standards, benchmark current alarm performance to ISA or EEMUA standards, and  facilitation of alarm rationalisation reviews.




Tank Risk Assessment Safety audits

Tank farm operations can potentially be high risk because they can store significant quantities of hazardous materials. If the containment of these materials is lost, there is the potential for fires or explosions which may impact on personnel within the operation or outside neighbours. The integrity of tank farms depends on the protection systems in place to prevent a loss of containment and the management systems that they are run under.