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Introduction to Bowties E-Learning

This online and on-demand course is suitable for anyone who may use or develop bowties. The objectives of this course are for you to understand the bowtie structure and the ingredients needed to create a successful and…

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Bowtie Training

This 1-Day course is aimed at operations, maintenance, engineering, HSE support, and management staff. Bowties are representations of causal pathways that relate causes to top events and outcomes. They are frequently…

$900.00 +GST

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LOPA Training IChemE Approved

This IChemE-approved 2-day course covers the methodology of LOPA and the detailed stages of its application. Participants are shown how significant scenarios are identified and how frequencies are estimated for the…

$2,200.00 +GST

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Introduction to Risk Assessment

Our 1-day in-house Risk Assessment course covers both quantitative and qualitative risk assessment tools (including bow tie, layer of protection analysis (LOPA), risk matrix, fault tree) and how they can be applied to…

$900.00 +GST

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Understand the benefits of Risk, Bowtie & LOPA Training

Risk assessment is a critical part of the process safety lifecycle, and allows facilities to understand risk profiles of day to day operations. If you work on or manage an operating facility, risk training gives perspective on whether designs or operation is acceptable.

The main benefits of our various risk training courses include:

  • Understand risk perception, consequence and likelihood
  • Developing skills to identify the appropriate risk assessment technique by
  • Understand good practice rules for risk assessment types
  • Information flow for process safety management

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