Alarm systems have developed from hard wired indicators  to the cheap and highly configurable SCADA interfaces commonly implemented today. This transition has largely gone unregulated by company standards, which impacts the safety of a process plant through uncontrolled alarm changes and alarm flooding. An alarm management health check-up can help you understand the performance of your system at your facility and identify any key issues or areas in need of improvement.

Safety Solutions uses Plant State Integrity, a tool developed by PAS, to benchmark and optimise alarm performance. This tool allows us to analyse historical alarm data to identity and provide solutions for common issues, such as the following:

  • Poor alarm prioritisation
  • Inadequate set points and configuration of alarms
  • Alarms that do not require a response
  • Chattering alarms
  • Stale alarms
  • Uncontrolled alarm suppression


As part of our Alarm Management Health Check-Up, we will provide a report summarising your alarm performance and identifying any key issues and recommendations to optimise your alarm management.

The time required to complete this check-up varies depending on the number and complexity of alarms configured for a facility, typically between 1-2 weeks.

Contact us to discuss any alarm management requirements you may have.

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