An effective risk management program often requires a quality HAZOP as the starting point.  The quality of HAZOP facilitation has a large impact the outcome (identified hazards, controls and actions). Safety Solutions has several highly experienced HAZOP facilitators that are able to apply best practice and achieve a high quality result.

We have conducted over 1000 studies across all industrial sectors including dairy, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, infrastructure and water treatment.

This experience is complimented by our leader and participant training courses and our formal accreditation capacity in New Zealand for NZQA US 19341 and US 27243.  We believe that a HAZOP facilitator must be competent in a number of methods to ensure the correct method is applied to the facility being assessed.

We ensure that the output of the review is suitable for the next step in the safety assessment process. It is important that key scenarios/ consequences are flagged for further risk assessment and this is ideally done in the HAZOP review.

Our HAZOP facilitation expertise spans:

  • Continuous processes
  • Batch processes
  • Procedural
  • Control systems

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