Layer of Protection Analysis has become one of the most effective tools for process industry risk assessments in recent years. This technique aims to determine the frequency of undesirable consequences by defining the incident pathway and applying cause frequencies, barrier failure rates and scenario modifiers. Safety Solutions is expert in LOPA studies and has assessed over 1000 scenarios.

LOPA studies usually follows HAZOP studies where a high consequence event has been identified for a more detailed assessment. Common scenarios include overpressure or overfill events. The causes and safeguards are brought forward into the LOPA study for more a more detailed risk assessment.

It is important that the LOPA method follows good practice and a pre-agreed procedure. This ensures that numbers are not manipulated to achieve the outcome. Safety Solutions use our internally developed LOPA procedure which has been developed over many years of application. We are confident that the methods we apply follow best practice.

The output of the study would include

  • Risk gaps and recommendations to close risk gaps
  • Requirements for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIL levels)
  • Recommended design changes
  • Human factors recommendations
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Safety Critical Element determination
  • Input to a future ALARP or SFAIRP assessment

Safety Solution has applied this technique to all manufacturing and storage processes covering explosion’s toxic releases, asset damage, fires and serious injury events. Our services include:

  • Application of the technique
  • Auditing of studies done already
  • Training
  • Procedure development

Read here for a paper published for the Loss Prevention Bulletin 1515 on some novel applications of LOPA have worked on.

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