Risk assessments are tools that help us make decisions on whether or not we have sufficient controls in place to to prevent a consequence from happening. They must follow after hazard identification reviews where the is assessed scenario in more detail. To assist companies make decisions on plant activities and design, our process safety consultants perform a comprehensive risk assessment that evaluates the consequences and likelihood of hazards, based on the risks they pose to employees and the public.

To assess the risk levels of process facility hazards, Safety Solutions performs:

  • Qualitative  – Risk matrix, bowtie studies
  • Semi-quantitative – LOPA, Event trees
  • Quantitative  – Fault tree, consequence modelling etc

As part of facilitating and performing a risk assessment, we determine which technique is most suitable to your requirements and situation,. SSL has worked with a diverse range of industries, including dairy, oil and gas, power generation, chemical warehouses, pulp and paper and others.

Safety Solutions has a suite of risk assessment procedures that can be deployed to an organisation for internal use. This can help ensure internal risk assessments are more consistent and of a high quality.

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