Safety Solutions has a range of engineering services that can be used to improve your process safety performance, closeout hazard and risk reviews or optimize your plant efficiency.

These services are grouped into the following categories:


Our areas of expertise are:


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 Process Safety

- Relief system design and sizing
- ESD/ EDP/ Fire and Gas system design, configuration and commissioning
- Functional safety SIL design and verification
- Alarm management benchmarking and control system design
- Engineering, Maintenance & Operation procedure development


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 Process Control and Optimisation

- Process Control audits & benefits studies—to quantify benefits  associated with improved control
- Loop tuning
- Advanced process control / real time optimisation design and commissioning
- Control system configuration 



 Engineering Reviews

- Facilitation of the Design Review process
- Peer review of design documentation for proposed plant, project or changes
- Hazardous area classification