Welcome to the Process Safety Training page. At Safety Solutions, we believe that process safety can be a massive benefit and mitigate risk in your business. These courses are designed for all levels of the organisation from front-line staff through to executives.

Introduction to Process Safety

Introduction to Process Safety E-learning

On-demand IChemE Approved Course Developing process safety competence is important for personnel from the front line through to management.  This e-learning course is interactive, and engaging and includes assessments.…

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Introduction to Process Safety Training

Introduction To Process Safety

This 1-day in-house course is aimed at operators and engineers of process plants and offers an overview of the various aspects of process safety across the whole life cycle of process plants. Process…

$900.00 +GST

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Process Safety Foundations

This 3 (+2)- day course will help you to develop your understanding of the key principles of process safety and its management. It will benefit anyone involved in the design, operation, modification…

$3,400.00 +GST

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Critical Risk Management for Directors and Executives

This 3-hour program focuses on how executives can carry out critical risk due diligence on their organisation and understand potential gaps at their facilities. Performing due diligence in your…

$475.00 +GST

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Critical Risk Management Process Safety for Leadership Training

Process Safety for Leadership

This 1-day in-house course is aimed at the leaders of your organisation. Whilst process safety principles must be practised by all, it is the leadership of an organisation that has the greatest…

$900.00 +GST

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Understand the benefits of Process Safety training

Process safety is a critical component of any industrial operation. By investing in process safety training, you can help to mitigate the risks associated with hazardous materials, prevent accidents and incidents, and improve overall safety culture within your organization.

The main benefits can be summerised in the following points: 

  • Improve the overall safety culture in your organisation from front line to executives
  • Equip your staff with knowledge and skills to identify potential hazards and implement effective safety measures.
  • Understand what best practice means and how it effects your plant

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"I must admit that the course is very well structured and engaging. The pre-course study material is good and prepares you well for the course."

Akhil - January 1, 2023