This course can be run online or face-to-face

Bowties are representations of pathways that link Threats, Top Events and Outcomes.  They are frequently used to communicate and assess risk scenarios. This course can be run online or face to face and is aimed at operations, maintenance, engineering, HSE support, and management staff.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Risk – risk perception, consequences, and likelihood of events.
  • Bowtie types – an overview of the different types of bowties and how they are aligned with different risk management goals.
  • Bowtie techniques – how to construct an effective bowtie using the threats, controls, top events, escalation factors and outcomes.
  • Bowtie development in software – use VelocityEHS Risk Management solution to build bowties
  • Bowtie scenario development – how to formulate a scenario suitable for development
  • Threats and control types – a more detailed look into threats and controls and what constitutes a strong or weak control.
  • Control effectiveness and Risk Mathematics – how does the effectiveness of a control impact on the assessed risk
  • Main workshop facilitated by trainer – this is a multi-stage workshop where trainees will build a bowtie for a given situation and then refine it to enable an effective risk assessment.
  • Use of bowties in safety management of a facility – how to use the bowtie in identifying critical controls and safety management elements that require verification and management.

The course will use a established bowtie software platform (Velocity EHS Risk Management) which will be available to all trainees.

This online course is limited to 12 trainees at a time and can be customised to your use and delivered as an inhouse training course.

Some previous clients who have completed this training course can be found here.

Cost $900 + Gst

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