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A hazard and operability study (HAZOP) is a structured and systematic examination of a planned or existing process or operation in order to identify and evaluate problems that may represent risks to personnel or equipment or prevent efficient operation. A HAZOP review also generates an in-depth understanding of the process for all participants, leading to a  more robust and reliable plant. Our HAZOP Participants Training course is aimed at developing the skills of attendees of HAZOP reviews.

A HAZOP review team usually consists of 6 – 10 persons. Depending on the scope and size of the review, it can take anything from 1 day to several weeks. Having a review team that is familiar with the processes of the review not only significantly improves the quality of the outcome but will also shorten the duration of the review.

This course is aimed at operators, engineers, designers, and maintenance personnel who will at some point be part of a HAZOP review team. The objectives of this course are to convey the benefits of HAZOP and the role of the HAZOP review in the process safety framework. It will familiarise the participants with the structure and methods of the review, enabling them to be more effective and efficient review team members. The course will also increase the participants’ ability to identify and assess process hazards outside of a review.

HAZOP Participants Training Course Content

  • The Basic Principles of HAZOP
  • Hazard & Risk
  • How HAZOP fits into the Hazard Management scheme and the design life cycle.
  • The HAZOP Process and team composition
  • The review objective & how it affects the review focus.
  • Guide words and their use
  • Required documentation & review preparation
  • What are the participant’s roles and responsibilities?
  • Case studies. What level of review is required when?

Some previous clients who have completed this training course can be found here.

Course duration: 1 day
Maximum number of attendees: 20

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